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IPS, acronym for Italian Packaging Solutions, aims to offer complete solutions for the packaging of FOOD and NON-FOOD products, such as: fruit, pasta, bakery-pastry, sausages, cheeses, vegetables, ready meals, fresh and frozen food, but also household products, medical products, electronics and industrial small parts.

Fields of application


IPS packing machines suitable for food products: bread, pizza and derivatives, pasta, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat and fish.


No Food

IPS packing machines suitable for non-food products: household products, medical products, electronics products, industrial components and hardware, cosmetics products and paper industry.


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    IPS designs and manufactures two different range of horizontal packing machines: Rotary cutting-sealing jaws and Box motion cutting-sealing jaws. Each range includes a model with the film reel on the top and a model with the film reel on the bottom. All these models are available with three different film reel sizes according to the product to be packed.


    Box motion

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    IPS also enters the world of the vacuum with three range of machines: the traditional chamber machines for the vacuum bags combined with the heat shrink tunnels, the tray-sealers for the preformed trays and the thermo-formers.


    Vacuum chamber machines


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    We carefully satisfy the requirements from the different sectors and we work closely with the customers in order to combine the packing machine with their products, since the value of the machine depends mostly by the efficiency.
    IPS aims to become a new point of reference in this market. We work closely with customers trying to learn and grow by improving products to make them more resistant, better performing, easier to use and safer.

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