Flow pack is one of the most used methods in the food packaging sector, thanks to their ability to package products of any shape and size.
This innovative system also allows to create a robust and resistant package, to offer maximum safety and guarantee that the products reach the consumer perfectly intact. Finally, it is suitable for a wide range of products, ensuring high flexibility of packaging processes especially for companies that process them differently.

MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging

By modified atmosphere we mean a mixture of inert gases. This composition usually contains carbon dioxide and nitrogen, but depending on specific requirements it can also contain argon, helium and nitrous oxide, as defined in the European Additives Directive. The gases used are not toxic or harmful, as they are present in the air we breathe. The machines suitable for this type of packaging can have different characteristics and functions. It involves an insufflation system and the possibility of injecting minimal quantities of liquids (alcohol, fungicides). These devices allow to remove the excess air inside the packages, replacing it with the gas mixture designed for the food product. MAP prevents premature deterioration of the foods contained within the packaging, as well as avoiding the formation of mould.