Combine the machine with the product

We carefully satisfy the requirements from the different sectors and we work closely with the customers in order to combine the packing machine with their products, since the value of the machine depends mostly by the efficiency. IPS aims to become a new point of reference in this market. We work closely with customers trying to learn and grow by improving products to make them more resistant, better performing, easier to use and safer.

Our values


Become a point of reference in the field of food product packaging.


Manufacture quality packaging machines that faithfully correspond to the needs of the individual customer.


Customer primacy, maintenance of commitments, transparency, teamwork, respect.

Internationally Italian

IPS chose to refer to Italy because Italy is the land of packaging. There is pride in being Italian behind the choice of the brand but there is also the belief that ours is the country that maintains leadership in the construction of packaging machines. IPS want to make its contribution as a packaging company to the great results already achieved in the world by its compatriots. With IPS, internationalization starts from Italy.

Competence and dynamism
are good habits

IPS is synonymous with competence and dynamism because these are required of our entire team. The members were chosen based on the quality of their professional training, their knowledge, their attitude to teamwork, their resourcefulness, and their openness to change.
IPS - customer care

A new way of understanding the packaging company:
the customer at the center

IPS is oriented towards the market with which it constantly communicates thanks to an open vision and the support of modern technologies. Strategic and operational decisions are made only after the analysis of needs, suggestions and information coming from customers. This useful support allows the company to design solutions that meet the specific needs of different fields. Furthermore, daily dialogue with the customer constitutes the fundamental rule for managing the commercial relationship.

IPS, not just Italy

The experience and dynamism of our team, together with our investments, allow us to have a complete package to offer to the international market.
Thanks to the involvement of excellent Partners in Italy and Europe, we guarantee customers local assistance which constitutes a decisive factor for our appreciated competitiveness.

We offer quality