ACM 105/108/129

ACM 105/108129

Chamber machine

Entirely stainless-steel construction with easily cleanable of the machine table.
Double sealing bars, above and below for a perfect sealing; possibility of sealing any bag even if overlapped. Essential and ergonomic machine, easy to clean.
Accessories: all models can be equipped with blade cutting and MAP injection system, scrap aspirator, vacuum accelerators.
Vacuum pumps: available in different versions, technologically advanced and produced by leading companies.

Chamber vacuum machine


  • Remote maintenance
  • Power consumption from 6 to 9 Kw
  • Voltage 400V-3-50Hz
  • CE conformity
  • Linear and functional construction in AISI 304 stainless steel with high cleanliness standards
  • Easy opening of the lid for cleaning and maintenance
  • Belt of the feeding conveyor with quick release for cleaning
  • Sealing bars with adjustable height of the sealing bars and electronic temperature control
  • Bi-active seals for hermetic seal of the bag in every condition
  • Reliable sealing even with grease or liquids products
  • 300 m3 internal vacuum pump
  • Electronic vacuum control
  • Control panel with 7-inch HD touch screen


  • MAP kit
  • Vacuum accelerator
  • Double sealing bar
  • Oversized lid
  • Listels conveyor for small or round products
  • Blade cut for the excess material
  • Scrap aspirator
  • Bag perforator
  • System for sealing four-layer aluminum bags
  • Heat shrinking and drying tunnel
  • Storage devices

Dati tecnici

Model Film widthLengthWidth
ACM 1051050 x 2 mm3080 mm1050 mm
ACM 1081050 x 2 mm3080 mm1350 mm
ACM 1291200 x 2 mm3250 mm1500 mm

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