DTS 38/50

DTS 38/50

Sealing and packing machine

Machine suitable for sealing and vacuum or MAP packing of preformed trays of different shape. The sealing takes place using barrier and non-barrier heat-sealable films, from reels or pre-cut sheets. Ideal for use in medium and large industry.
Thanks to a new system, the mold can be replaced in a few minutes without the use of any tools.
Very reliable machine, very intuitive touch, completely stainless steel construction, very easy clean.



  • High accessibility to electrical and pneumatic components
  • Remote maintenance
  • Power consumption from 6 to 9 Kw
  • Voltage 400V-3-50Hz
  • CE conformity
  • Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminium with high cleanliness standards
  • Easy and quick molds change
  • Protection grade IP 65
  • Independent operation of the two sealing heads
  • Transport of trays with rod system
  • Double film reel holder
  • Motorized film tension control
  • Pneumatic mould drive with toggle lock
  • Automatic exit of sealed trays on roller conveyor
  • Double 100 m3 internal vacuum pump
  • Electronic control of vacuum and MAP
  • Adjsutable control panel with 7-inch HD touch screen
  • Productivity from 700 up to 5000 trays/hour
  • Trays advancement by Brushless motor


  • Photocell for print registered film
  • MAP kit
  • Printers
  • Gas (MAP) storage tank
  • Oxigen kit
  • SKIN
  • Easy peel
  • Tray denester
  • Lid device
  • Protective liquid dispenser
  • Aligner
  • Version for trays with heights greater than 110 mm
  • Protection box
  • Vacuum accelerator

Dati tecnici

Model Film widthPack lengthMax. pack heigth
DTS 38500 mm410 mm100 mm
DTS 50500 x 2 mm410 mm100/125 mm

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